Okanagan Life

"Welcome to the Okanagan" Known for its Beautiful Lakes, Orchards, Vineyards, Summer/ Winter DUFFY, ANDY: thumb_okimage1.jpgResorts and Sunny skies
The Okanagan seasons, have prime conditions for your outdoor activities.
Ski resorts to Golf Courses
Water sports to cycling & hiking
Rivers & Lakes are plentiful & fishing/camping is contagious.
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall there is so much to do & see. It really is  a year round destination.
Our community is Family-Friendly with beaches, playgrounds, nordic and alpine skiing, Science Center, Library, Arts Center, Kangaroo Farm, Davison Orhard, Okeefe Ranch, waterslides, Kalavita paddle boarding, Zipling, Cycling and the list goes on and on.DUFFY, ANDY: thumb_okimage4.jpg

There's always something happening in the Okanagan 

Its Not surprising that the Okanagan has become the destination for many.
           "Come out and Play"

Links to life in the Okanagan

WENGER, CLIFF: thumb_okimage2.jpg
WENGER, CLIFF: thumb_okimage3.jpg Golf